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Importance of Renewal DSC

Jan 10, 2020 Verasys Technologies

A Digital Signature Certificate electronically validates the identity. It provides with a high level of safety and security for transactions that are performed online by making sure complete privacy of the information that is going to get exchanged via Digital Signature Certificate. Certificates can be used for encrypting information so that only the right recipient can read the same. Information can be digitally signed to ensure the recipient that it has not been altered while in transit, and also cross-check the identity as the sender of the message.

Every digital signature has a one or two year of validity period. Digital Signature Certificate renewal is necessary for the user once the certificate crosses the period of validity. In case if DSC renewal is not done on time, it turns out to be of no use and the user has to apply again for the new certificate. As digital certificate is of much importance and holds multiple benefits so it is recommended to renew the same on time. Registration Authority (RA) or the Certifying Authority (CA) is the authority where digital signature certificate renewal takes place. Submission of DSC renewal form along with the required documents in order to renew the digital signature certificate is to be submitted by the user.

The entire procedure of digital signature renewal is very effortless and swift.

(i) Renewal form can be downloaded from the official website of EBP Online and submission can be done after completely filling the form along with the other required documents.

(ii) The company then sends it to the Certifying Authority which after reviewing the application renews the digital signature certificate.

(iii) EBP Online charges a small amount for digital signature renewal.

(iv) Collection of the certificate can be initiated either by making a visiting to the company in person or get it at your place via courier.

Requirements to apply for renewal of DSC :

(i) DSC USB-token should be obtained in case of DSC renewal. If a USB-token has not been procured while registering for DSC, then one must get the same at the time of renewal process.

(ii) Application for the renewal should be done with the same name as registered in existing DSC. Any change performed in the name during the process of renewal is not permitted and will be taken as a new application to register a new DSC.

(iii) To change postal address and contact details is permitted.

(iv) DSC renewal application must be initiated 7 days before expiry date of the existing DSC.

(v) Install existing DSC and the DSC which needs a change on PC/machine to apply for renewal in DSC.