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What are the benefits of going paperless with DIGITAL SIGNATURES

Oct 16, 2019 Verasys Technologies

Going paperless with Digital Signatures is the need of the hour. It signifies the minimal usage of physical paper and leads to an increase in digital documents. The process of transforming physical paper into electronic form is termed as digitization. Nowadays, personal computers have become a necessity in modern place which ultimately leads to eliminating the use of paper documentation in the workplace. Using paperless Digital Signatures (DSC) helps in saving resources and enhancing security.

Benefits of going paperless with DIGITAL SIGNATURES

Paperless Digital signatures host a variety of advantages; some of them are listed below :

TIME SAVER: Time spent to search, file, and organize paper documents can be utilized to do productive tasks in the workplace. Documents stored in an electronic form are well-organized where it is always easy to look for the files at times of need. The laborious, manual process of searching a particular file in a stack of files can simply be replaced by the use of paperless digital signature at the click of a button. The time saved with the use of Digital Signatures can be used on revenue-generating projects.

SAVES SPACE: Maintaining paperwork documentation that keeps piling up quickly cannot be well-organized. A stack of paper in a buried file consumes a lot of space however on the other hand; digitizing files gives users the accessibility to store all files on system servers or in the cloud. Digital files stored in a repository require less space as compared to space consumed in maintaining physical documents.

EASY TRANSFER OF INFORMATION: Document management software is an easy and convenient process to save documents. All the digitized documents can be shared online with just one click. With the help of using the software, paperless DSC can be shared across through phone, tablet or laptop. The commonly used applications such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office can be integrated with document management systems to file documents in a convenient way.

ENVIRONMENT- FRIENDLY: Manufacturing products in physical paper generate greenhouse gases that cause deforestation and global warming. Recycling can help to balance some of the environmental effects but most paper, ink, and toners ultimately end up damaging the environment. It is a wise decision to reduce the use of manual paperwork by switching to paperless Digital Signatures.

ENHANCES SECURITY: Confidentiality of information is an important concern in businesses. Documents in physical form are hard to track a stack of paper files can get misplaced or damaged and it may not always come under the notice of people in the workplace. Also, monitoring the files for printing and copying can be a tough and tedious task. With the advancement in technology, document management software with high-security capabilities has been built to tackle these challenges. The use of paperless DSC promises the security of data at a high level.