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Significance of digital signatures

Nov 12, 2019 Verasys Technologies

No wonder, the electronic form of signatures have become the benchmark for corporates and executives. To simply represent, digital signatures means electronic fingerprint that gives access to individuals to sign a document digitally and authenticates the signer. The authenticity of the digitally signed documents ensures the documents remain unchanged on reaching the addressee. The benefits of digital signatures are listed below:

Time Efficient: Signatures in an electronic form ensures that the documents are signed off with a click of a button helping businesses saving time and cost. When a document is to get signed from a geographically different area, it results in a waste of time and money. Thus, with the help of a digital signature certificate online, individuals can save costs and time involved in the process and can get the document signed instantly from anywhere in the world. The tedious task of getting the documents signed can be wrapped up in minutes with smart gadgets like tablets, computers, or phones.

Effective Workflow: Less time and efforts involved in the process of getting documents signed with paperless digital signatures ensures greater efficiency in workflow. Managing and tracking of documents become easier and speed up the work progress. Email follow-ups and notifications give reminders to concerned persons to sign the documents.

Secure: Security remains a high concern when it comes to signatures. The authentic digital signature certificate form reduces the risk of replication and modification of the document itself. The signer is provided with passwords, PINs, and codes that help in authentication and verification of the identity to approve the signatures. Time-stamping also has a feature that provides date and time of the signature which therefore provides a track of the document, reducing the threat of any fraud. The in-built security features ensure no document can get altered without authority.

Environmental Friendly

Digital Signatures extends a helping hand to build a sustainable environment. With paperless work, corporates and businesses make an effort in reducing waste and being environmentally friendly.

Ensures Business efficiency

The costs applied to integrate digital signature certificate form into work processes are relatively small as when compared to its profits. Since the digital signature reduces the workflow time, they are ideal for both small and large businesses.

Enhances Customer Experience

Having a digital signature certificate online, it is convenient for individuals to sign important documents regardless of the location of the signer. Individuals do not have to wait for the customers to come to the office or a specific location to sign documents. This is an exceptional and personalized service for customers living in remote areas or small towns. The customer has the liberty to be anywhere and engage in the services that are easy and user-friendly.

Saves cost

There can be huge savings in cost eliminating the expenses of paper, ink, printing, scanning, and courier charges. Digital Signatures also help a business save indirect costs involved in filing, archiving or tracking the information.

Provides authenticity

The Digital Signatures provide legal validity and confirm its verification. The time-stamping feature and ability to track the data simplifies audit and compliance.