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Digital signature for MCA: The Complete Guide

Jan 27, 2020 Verasys Technologies

A Digital Signature Certificate or DSC is provided only by certifying authority for digital signature. It is a digital key that confirms the identity of individuals and businesses in order to verify the security and originality of documents that are filed online.MCA Digital Signature Certificate carries information such as the name of user, country, email-id, date of certificate issuance and name of the certifying authority. Digital signatures can be created and procured from digital signature certificate providers. A Digital Signature Certificate helps in easy working of variety of transactions associated with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Being time-efficient, Digital Signature Certificates also ensure the data security.

Who Needs Digital Signature for MCA?

Any business or firm performing transactions that involves the Ministry of Corporate Affairs can apply for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). It is necessary for businessmen to use MCA Digital Signature Certificate while filing returns in case their business value goes over revenues above INR 60 lakhs. Under the provisions of IT Act, 2000, Digital Signatures are regarded as legally welcomed instruments.

Why Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate for MCA is Important

Digital signature certificate and certifying authority for digital signature are the two modules of the Public Key Infrastructure or PKI, an all in all Internet Security System. Once the PKI is in action, a person using the digital signature certificate can be doubtlessly traced and held responsible for any action he takes. Earlier untraceable, every illegal action taken today can be easily tracked because of digital signature certificate. The government holds the record of every online transaction and documentation done by the companies.

Benefits of Class 2 Digital Signature

You can sign and send any business document to your customer or client smoothly.

It ensures the righteousness and authenticity of the digitally signed document.

It ensures the security of confidential information.

It helps to establish communication with the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Why do I need a MCA Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Certificate confirms the validation of your identity digitally. It maintains a supreme level of security in online transactions and ensures the private information to remain confidential. Time-stamping feature facilitates the date and time of the signature; therefore, a document can be tracked minimizing the risk of any fraud. Also, the high-security feature confirms no document to get modified without signer's authority.

Registration of DSC on MCA Portal

Step 1: Go to ministry of corporate affairs official website to register Digital signature certificate.

Step 2: Click on MCA Services. Select Associate DSC option from drop down menu.

Step 3: Select the Role of the person for whom DSC needs to get registered.
Select Director to update DIN/DPIN details in case of Director/Designated Partner.
PAN based details are required to register DSC in case of Manager, Practicing Professional & Authorized Representative.

Step 4: Enter the details requested in the next page. Details should be same as in DIN/PAN.

Step 5: In the next screen, enter your e-mail id and select the digital signature certificate. In order to select digital signature certificate, download & install MCA E-Signer.

Step 6: Accept the declaration provided by you by checking the box.

Step 7: Insert the DSC that is to be registered on MCA portal into the USB drive on your computer.

Step 8: A window will prompt you to select the Digital Signature of the concerned person, enter DSC password and associate.

Step 9: As you click on submit button, a congratulatory message will be displayed.

" Congratulations on Your Successful Association of DSC with MCA "