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Read Out The Things You Should Know About Digital Signature
Certificate For ITR Filing

Dec 16, 2019 Verasys Technologies

Advancement in technology has made the entire procedure of filing of tax and submission of returns over the internet quite easier. To e-file income tax returns, taxpayers are supposed to affix their digital signature onto their document of tax return as a medium of authentication. Altering documents that are digitally signed and to claim fraud over digital signatures is not possible. Not only digitally signed documents are protected from any modifications but also from any sort of additions in the already existing document.

Before moving ahead to understand digital signature's participation in ITR filing, let us first understand how to apply for digital signature.


1. Log on to a Certifying Authority licensed website that issues Digital Certificates in India and select your type of entity.

2. Fill in the necessary details after downloading the DSC application form. After filling all the compulsory details attach your recent photograph and mark your signature under the declaration. Print the completed form and safeguard it.

3. The assisting documents such as identity and address proof must receive attestation by an attesting officer.

4. To get digital signature online, one must get a demand draft or cheque for the payment of application form in the Local Registration Authority's name.

5. After enclosing all the documents such as DSC registration form, identity and address proof, DD or cheque in an envelope, post them addressing to the Local Registration Authority (LRA) to the referred address of the LRA Once you get digital signature, here are the steps to use digital signature certificate for income tax return:

Once you get digital signature, here are the steps to use digital signature certificate for income tax return:

Step 1: For using digital signature certificate for income tax return, the taxpayer is supposed to first register him on the e-filing portal of Income Tax Department

Step 2: login registered account using taxpayer's user id and password.

Step 3: Select button "My Account" after logging in and click on the option "Update Digital Certificate".

Step 4: download of file named "Store Certificate" will start automatically. Digital signature's local copy will be saved on the system.

Step 5: click on "Upload your USB Token" by going back to the web page. There you will be redirected to a page with a button "Select Your USB Token Certificate" and "Browse". On clicking "Browse", a selection window will get open where you are supposed to select the file that was downloaded.

Step 6: Select the downloaded file and click "Okay". Enter the PIN code (Token Password) and click on "Sign".

Procedure to upload Income Tax Return Online Using Digital Signature

Step 1: After filling the ITR form; generate that file as XML file and save it.

Step 2: Visiting Income Tax India website, log in to the registered account using user ID and password.

Step 3: After getting logged in, click on "Submit Return" and select the year of assessment.

Step 4: From the drop-down menu select the ITR Form Name.

Step 5: When "Do You Want to Digitally Sign the File?" will be stated by the next field, click on "Yes".

Step 6: Choose the type of digital signature to use that can be "Sign with .PFX file" or "Sign with USB Token".

Step 7: With the assistance of digital signature certificate, upload the income tax returns and validate it.

Getting a digital signature certificate (DSC) is much required to filing Income Tax returns (ITR) online. To meet the deadlines, this certificate is helpful in completing the process of verification electronically.